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Paleteria Azteca #2

Who We Are

We are a family-owned ice cream business and have been serving Chicagoland and its suburbs for the last 27 years. We specialize in making paletas (a.k.a Mexican ice cream bars with pieces of fresh fruit, grains, or herbs - frozen on a wooden stick). Aside from paletas we also have ice cream cups, freeze sticks, frozen mangonadas (frozen mango sorbet mixed with a tangy sauce), and esquimal (vanilla or strawberry bar coated with a chocolate shell and sprinkled with coconut shreds). 

For the last 5 years, we have also ventured into the catering realm. We transport our paletas on traditional Mexican push carts, which are always a huge hit at all events! Other products we prepare are aguas frescas, fruit cups, and chicharrones. 


Some of our clients include Morton College, Divvy Bikes, Home Depot, Azteca Foods, University of Chicago, Latinos Progresando, Chicago Park District, Heartland Alliance, and so many more!

So if you are ready to bring this Mexican icon to your next event, fill out the form in the "Get a Quote" tab and we will get in touch with you. Talk to you soon!

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Paleteria Azteca #2

Home of the mini ice cream cart!

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