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Our Services . . .

are custom-made for each customer. To learn more about our services, keep scrolling. For a quote do the following:

- Send us a request found at the bottom of this page

-  Shoot us an email at

- Call or text us at 708-622-8789 / 773-491-1045

Hope to hear from you soon!

Push Cart Rental

Our pushcart rentals are our most popular service! They are great because they are easily transportable to any location. 

There is no set price, rather the price is customized based on what the customer needs. 

The customized price is determined by the following:

- Ice Cream Amount (For all pushcart rentals we have a minimum of 80 bars or more)

- Dry Ice (Determined by the hours the bars will be in the pushcart)

- Catering (Optional, but if you need one of our staff handing out the bars on the day of your event, you can add this service)

- Delivery & Pick-Up ( Optional as well. The cost is determined by the mileage amount)

- Customer Pick Up (There is no cost if the customer comes to our store and picks up the pushcart on the day of the event)

Other Treats

If you're looking for additional treats for your event, we also offer the following:

- Fruit Cups

- Chicharrones

- Aguas Frescas (Lime, Hibiscus, Lime w/ Chia, Tamarind, and Pineapple)

-  Prepared Corn in a Cup


If you're just looking to buy a bag of paletas, come on by our store. We have all sorts of delicious flavors!

Tip: If you bring your own cooler, the ice cream will stay frozen longer.


Option 1: Looking for an easy summer job? Why not become a paletero! The perks of being a paletero include setting your own schedule, being outdoors, and socializing with your community.

Option 2: If you own a business and would like to sell our ice cream, get in touch with us for the next steps. 

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch to get a quote for your next event!

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